Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

Daswell Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

About Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer truck is a kind of equipment that can mix concrete during transportation. The use of this machine can improve both production efficiency and construction quality. The main purpose of concrete mixer is to transport the concrete or mortar that has been mixed in the concrete mixer machine to construction sites, prevent concrete segregation during transportation.

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Technical Parameter of Concrete Mixer Truck

Mixing Capacity (m³)34568101214
Charging Speed ( m³/min)≥2.5≥2.5≥2.5≥2.5≥3≥3≥3≥3
Discharging Speed ( m³/min)≥1.5≥1.5≥1.5≥1.5≥2≥2≥2≥2
Water Tank Capacity (L)150150200200450450450450
Mixing Tank Material16Mn-Alloy Steel16Mn-Alloy Steel16Mn-Alloy Steel16Mn-Alloy Steel16Mn-Alloy Steel16Mn-Alloy Steel16Mn-Alloy Steel16Mn-Alloy Steel
Tank Body Thickness (mm)55555555
Head Thickness (mm)66666666
Hydraulic PumpSunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- Italy
Hydraulic MotorSunny-USA/ Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA / Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA/ Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA/ Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA/ Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA/ Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA/ Eaton- USA /PMP- ItalySunny-USA/ Eaton- USA /PMP- Italy
ReducerZF Brand-Germany /Bonfiglioli- ItalyZF Brand-Germany /Bonfiglioli- ItalyZF Brand-Germany /Bonfiglioli- ItalyZF Brand-Germany /Bonfiglioli- ItalyZF Brand-Germany /Bonfiglioli- ItalyZF Brand-Germany /Bonfiglioli- ItalyZF Brand-Germany /Bonfiglioli- ItalyZF Brand-Germany /Bonfiglioli- Italy
Radiator (L)1212121218181818
Available ChassisHOWO/FOTON/ SHACMAN

Safety Operation Rules for Concrete Mixer Truck

  1. Its automobile parts should comply with the general safety and technical requirements of the automobile.
  2. The fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluid, cooling water should be added enough and the quality should meet the requirements.
  3. Check power output unit and ensure that there is no phenomenon, such as, bolts loose, bearings leaking.
  4. During transportation, the load of concrete shouldn’t exceed the rated capacity.
  5. Before starting the mixer truck, put the operating handle of the drum in the stop position.
  6. Before loading, invert the mixing drum to drain the water and debris inside the drum.
  7. When loading, put the control handle in the loading position, adjust the rotating speed of the drum to make the feeding process smooth.
  8. In the transport, ensure the bucket is placed firmly to prevent swinging.
  9. When load the mixed concrete, the rotating speed should be 2 to 10r/min. During transportation, the rotating speed should be 2 to 3r/min on flat road. When driving on the road with a lateral slope of more than 50, or with a large shaking from side to side, stop the stirring rotation and resume after the road condition improves.
  10. The transportation time shouldn’t exceed the mixing station specified time. During transportation, the stirring drum can’t stop rotating for so long time to prevent concrete segregation. Drives should observe the concrete condition. If there is something abnormal, please deal with it in time.
  11. The continuous running time of mixing drum shouldn’t exceed 8 hours.
  12. After completion of the work, the inside of the mixing cylinder should be cleaned. The remaining concrete shouldn’t be left in the drum.
  13. The water level in the water tank should be keep normal. In winter, the water in water tank and water supply system should be drained.

Components And Working Principle of Mixing Drum

Control system

The mixing drum includes loading bucket, ring raceway, drum, connecting flange, reducer, frame, regulating mechanism, movable discharge chute, fixed discharge chute and some other components. All these accessories are combined together to make the equipment work normally and service life longer. Control system is composed of rotating drum, flexible shaft, link mechanism, which is mainly used to control the rotating speed and direction.

Concrete Mixer Truck Equipment for Sale

Auxiliary frame

The part is mainly composed of the main beam, the foreground and the backstage, which can connect the chassis girder and support the mixing cylinder. The closed box structure ensures the rigidity requirement. The cutting main beam ensures the stability of driving. In addition, the torsion doesn’t basically affect the chassis, which extends the life of chassis from the structure.

Concrete Mixer Truck Mixing Drum

Feeding and discharging device

The device is composed of feeding hopper, discharging hopper, main and auxiliary discharging trough, bracket, locking frame, etc… The feeder accepts the concrete processed in mixing station and feed it to mixing drum and the discharging device transfer the concrete to the pumping device.

Working Principle of Concrete Mixer Truck

The housing of the mixing drum is a double cone with variable section and asymmetrical. Attach an unequal joint cone from the largest middle diameter to both ends. The bottom cone is short and the end face is closed. The upper cone is long with the end opening. When it works, the mixing drum rotates around its own axis, and concrete is rotated by the frication force and the intrinsic adhesion force of the cylinder wall and blade. After reaching a certain height, the concrete falls down and slips under the action of gravity. Because of the continuous rotation of mixing cylinder, concrete is in the continuous movement of lifting and sliding downward, and is guided by the spiral track at the same time, producing a compound movement along the tangential and axial directions of the mixing drum, so that the concrete is always pushed to the end of the spiral blade.

When mixing cylinder rotates forward, concrete will be continuously pushed to the bottom of the mixing drum by the blades, and then pushed back by the end wall of the mixing drum. In addition, the axial overturning motion of the upper and lower layers of concrete is added. Thus, concrete is mixed in this complex state of motion. When mixing drum is reversed, the spiral direction of the blade is also opposite. At this time, the concrete is guided by the blade to move towards the mixing port until the concrete is discharged. In a word, the rotation of mixing drum drives the spiral movement generated by the continuous spiral blades to make concrete obtain the compound movement of tangential and axial, so that the mixing cylinder has the function of mixing and discharging.

Concrete Mixer Truck Manufacturers

With more than 30 years of concrete mixer truck production experience, Daswell select commercial materials carefully to ensure product quality. In addition, we can produce various models of truck mounted concrete mixer with high degree of automation. Our machine is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, which can help you save time and labor. Feel free to contact us to buy concrete mixer truck for sale in our company at the best price now.