Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

Concrete mixer with pump is a very popular concrete pumping equipment in the market, for that it integrates feeding, mixing and high pressure pumping in one. Meanwhile, it adopts fully automatic construction operating system and makes the operation much easier. Only such a equipment can realize the function of concrete mixer and concrete trailer pump, which can save the investment.

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Daswell Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale

Features of Concrete Mixer with Pump

1. Easy to move. Equipped with movable tires, the machine can be dragged to the places needed easily.
2. Simple operation, stable performance and high degree of automation. Concentrated feeding, Hybrid mixing and high-pressure pumping as a whole can save a lot of labor costs.
3. The mixing quality is good, mixed concrete is more uniform, easier to reconcile and more compact. The strength, tensile and flexural properties have improved a lot.
4. The safety of the equipment is high when it is in construction and the failure rate is extremely low. The overall reliability of the machine is higher.
5. High construction efficiency can greatly shorten the construction period and reduce the construction cost.
6. Wide range of application. It is suitable for all kinds of engineering construction.
7. The whole equipment design integrates economy, reliability, safety and durability, with good maneuverability and high equipment utilization at the same time.

Tips on Concrete Mixer with Pump Operation

Daswell Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

Operation Safety

Before using the machine, operators should read the instruction manual and matters needing attention carefully first. The performance and principle of concrete mixer pumping equipment are explained in detail.

Operators should pay attention to safety. Don’t put hands into the running machine. Wait until the machine is shut down and stopped absolutely. Pay close attention to the movement of concrete mixer pump machine when it is running, find out the abnormality in time, avoid the machine trouble and safety hidden trouble.

Suitable Position

Choose the suitable position for the machine. First, users should consider whether forklift feeding is convenient. Too long time of shoveling will affect the construction efficiency. Second, the position should be close to sand and cement and observe whether the water pipes and wires are convenient to get close to concrete mixer with pump at the same time. The shortest distance transport and linear transport can minimize the resistance, reduce the probability of blockage and speed up the concrete pumping speed to improve the construction efficiency.

After-sales Service

After-sales service is related to the follow-up maintenance of the machine, which is a strong guarantee for the continuous use of the equipment. So when you choose the manufacturer, you’d better know more about their after-sales service, such as, technical guidance, related training operation, maintenance, etc… As a reliable concrete mixer with pump manufacturer, Henan Daswell Machinery Co.,Ltd is a technical manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in “research and development, manufacturing, sales and service” of concrete pumping equipment. We specialize in production of various types of concrete pump machine, such as, concrete pump truck, concrete trailer pumping equipment, concrete mixer pump and so on. Professional technical team is responsible for the improvement of equipment performance and the specialized after-sales team is responsible for providing customers with good service. The most important is that we have offices and warehouses in many countries, such as, Philippines, Pakistan, Cambodia and some offices that are being built in other countries. That is to say, we can help customers solve problems more timely.