Concrete Pump Machine

Concrete Pump Machine

Types of Concrete Pump Machine

Concrete pump machine with many different types is a equipment used for transferring concrete by pressure to places inaccessible to concrete mixer trucks. The machine is available in various types of concrete construction projects, such as, house-building projects, bridge construction, tunnel construction and so on. Concrete pump machine are in great demand, so that manufacturers all over the world have developed and produced a wide variety of models based on different needs of users. And they are still innovating and developing more efficient concrete pumping equipment. Thus, many customers will struggle with which type to choose when they need to buy such a device. People can find a lot of useful information to guide their choices in this article, such as, the types, applications, differences of all the types of concrete pump machine. Then you can go to the classified product page to select the most suitable model. We hope our website will be of great help to you and our concrete pump for sale with excellent quality, performance, high efficiency, competitive price will be your best choice.

Concrete pump machine can be classified in many different ways, such as, working principle, structure, output in theory, drive mode, distribution valve type, pump concrete pressure, etc… So many ways to categorize that users will be dazzled in their choices. Here, we will introduce the machine according to the most commonly used classification methods in the market.

Trailer mounted concrete pump is a kind of pumping equipment that needs to be towed by a tractor. After towing the equipment to the proper position, the workers need to install pipes, so that the towable concrete pump can reach the height and distance of several hundred meters, which is very advantageous. But the installation of pipes is troublesome and not flexible enough. This type of pump is more suitable for the concrete conveying of floor heating construction, high-rise construction, highway construction and some other long-distance concrete conveying.

Concrete pump with mixer is a machine that combines agitation and pumping, which can save equipment investment, is more convenient to use and can completely the construction quickly. It can realize the integration of mixing and pumping, greatly improving the construction efficiency. This kind of pump is suitable for the conveying of large aggregate concrete, such as, foundation piles construction, rural civil construction, township and new rural construction, highway, railway tunnel and other tunnel construction, water conservancy and hydropower projects, geological disaster treatment, foundation irrigation and other construction that concrete pouring capacity is large and space is narrow.

Truck mounted concrete boom pump is a kind of concrete conveying equipment which can walk on its own with free extension boom and conveying pipe. It doesn’t need to install pipes separately and is more flexible to operate and move. The pump truck can complete the conveying and distribution of concrete at the same time. With the characteristics of good pumping performance, large distribution range, self-walking, flexible mobility and convenient transfer, the equipment has been used more and more widely, which has been used in water conservancy, hydropower, subways, bridges, large foundations, high-rise buildings and civil buildings and other construction projects.

How to Choose The Suitable Concrete Pump Machine


The concrete pumping equipment can be divided into electric concrete pump and diesel concrete conveying pump depending on the power. 

In areas and construction sites with normal power supply, and in the case that equipment is fixed for a long time, the electric power is better. For that, the use cost is low. The diesel power is with strong mobility, which won’t be affected by power supply. But relative to the electric motor, the use cost is slightly higher.

Output Pressure

Select according to the output pressure, which determines the pumping distance. 

Meanwhile, the distance is also affected by the sealing of pipes and other factors. In general, the output pressure includes 5.5Mpa、6.7Mpa、8.1Mpa、9.2Mpa、13Mpa、16Mpa、18Mpa、20Mpa、22Mpa, etc… 

The actual vertical pumping height under normal conditions is equal to outlet pressure times ten.


Choose depending on the power. First, users should consider the transformer capacity. Second, consider the distance of concrete pump and the size of wire diameter, so as to avoid excessive voltage drop to cause the current increase or tripping operation. Excessive power will cause cost increase and inconvenient to use, too small motor can’t meet the needs of machine. The truck type is expensive, but it is easy to operate, convenient to move and can save labor at the same time. However, it isn’t suitable for construction in narrow areas

History of Concrete Pumping Equipment

Till now, concrete pump machine has a history of more than 100 years. In 1907, engineers from France begin to study concrete pump, but it didn’t be produced. Then in 1913, American designers developed and produced the first concrete pumping equipment, but after the test run, it is shelved, not used. Till 1927, the machine was been used successfully for the first time. And then in 1930, engineers from Germany made the vertical single cylinder ball valve piston pump which is driven by crankshaft and rocking bar, the performance is poor. After that, J.C.Kooyman, a Dutchman, made great improvements on the basis of original engine, changed the vertical type engine to horizontal type successfully in 1932, and produced the Kooyman concrete pump machine. The kind of pump equipment has a horizontal cylinder and two rod-operated rotary valves, which solved the problem of structure principle successfully, and greatly improved the working reliability. Until now, many types of concrete pumping equipment still maintain the basic characteristics of this design, but have been improved in terms of power mechanisms and valves.
In 1930s, a variety types of horizontal mechanical piston pumps were manufactured and applied in concrete construction projects in many countries. But till World War ‖, it was still in a small trial phase.
In the mid-1950s, a German company first developed the commercial concrete pump machine which uses water as the working medium, and the machine entered a new stage of development.
In 1959, the first fully hydraulic concrete pump that uses oil as the working medium to drive the piston and valve to work was produced. The hydraulic concrete pumping equipment with the features of high power, large displacement and long conveying distance can be adjusted infinitely. In addition, the piston can move is the opposite direction, which reduce the possibility of blockage. The design, manufacture and pumping technology of concrete pumping equipment were becoming more and more perfect. In order to improve its mobility, in mid-1960s, truck mounted concrete pump machine was developed. At the same time, in order to make the conveying and pouring of commercial concrete more convenient, the concrete truck pump is equipped with a retractable and rotatory feeding rod, which greatly increases the maneuvering flexibility of this machine. Now, the performance and quality of concrete pumping equipment are rapidly improved, the specifications are more complete, hydraulic and computer control technology have also made breakthrough progress.