How to Ensure The Pouring Quality of Concrete Pump Truck

1. Concrete surfacing. After concrete pouring is completed, builders need to carry out concrete surfacing construction for twice. The first time, when the concrete surface is close to initial setting, surface galling can prevent surface shrinkage crack. If the surface flatness is allowed to be deviated by 8mm, it should be noted that the columns and shear walls should be roughed. Then after secondary calendaring, the surface can be galling and molding by a rubber broom or a sponge strip.

2. Concrete repair work. When the construction is completed, the construction unit and supervision unit will generally check the appearance quality and dimensional deviation, and make a record. For serious defects, the construction unit should propose a technical plan for treatment, and it can be processed after being approved by the supervision unit.

3. Concrete vibration. The work must be carried out in accordance with the construction plan. During operation, the supervision should be strengthened. For large-volume concrete construction, special construction plans must be reported, and construction can be carried out after approval. In general, flat ground concrete must be vibrated and compacted by plate vibrator, as the slope roof can be vibrated by attached wall vibrator.

4. Curing of concrete. Concrete should be covered and kept wet according to the construction technical scheme within 12 hours after concrete poured. Generally, concrete mixed with Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement or slag Portland cement should be watered and conserved. Usually, the curing time shouldn’t be less than 7 days.

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