How to Operate A Concrete Pump

Conditions of Construction Site

Ensure that the construction site is smooth, solid, and there is sufficient parking spaces and safe working environment for concrete pump machine. Arrange special personnel to dispatch and command the uses of concrete pumping equipment to ensure the safety operation on sites.

The Erection of Concrete Trailer Pump

  • The erection of trailer mounted concrete pump should be far away from slopes, dykes, pits and trenches. Meanwhile, the convenience of feeding should be taken into consideration and shorten the layout as much as possible.
  • The concrete trailer pump must be placed on a firm and flat ground. And there must be a meter-wide working space around the pump for operation and maintenance.

Pipe Arrangement of Concrete Pump Machine

  • Concrete conveying pipe can’t withstand any external tension.
  • The pipe should be laid according to the principle of short distance and less bend.
  • It should be arranged in a place accessible to personnel so as to clean and replace the conveying pipeline.
  • Ensure the connection of each pipeline is firm and stable, and set up a firm point and support point at the bend to avoid shaking and loosening of the pipeline.
  • Each pipe card can’t contact with the ground or supports. There should be a certain gap to make it easy to disassemble. At the same time, sealing rings must be installed at all pipe clamps and tighten the bolts to ensure that the joints are tightly sealed without leaking.
  • The horizontal pipeline shouldn’t be suspended, it must have strong support, and the horizontal pipe on the floor should be paved with sleeper or old tire.
  • The pipeline layout should meet the requirements of pouring long distance first, and then retreat in order to avoid disassembly and pipe connection during pumping, which will affect the operation.
  • The conveying pipe directly connected to the cone outlet pump must be fixed.
  • The pipelines in the vicinity of pump and dangerous areas for personnel to enter should be provided with the necessary shielding to prevent casualties caused by broken pipelines or loose tube jams.
  • The vertical upward pipe can’t use the bottom elbow pipe as the support. Instead, support points should be added to each floor. If the vertical upward pipe is laid along the outer wall, each straight pipe must have one or two reinforcement points. The bend pipes should be securely fastened to scaffolding, walls or elevator shafts.

Methods of distributing concrete

  • Use hose to distribute. This is the most common method. During working, the small radius of the hose shouldn’t be less than 1.5m, the bending angle of the hose shouldn’t exceed 90 degrees. Don’t add more than one pump tube before the hose, or it will cause blockage or hose burst.
  • Use elbow pipe butt for concrete distribution. This method can carry out a wide range of distribution quickly and conveniently, with no accumulation and blocking pipe phenomenon. When pouring, place the butt bend pipe in the middle of the covered range, which can rotate 360 degrees and distribute concrete at any position of radius. This method can improve the concrete pouring efficiency greatly, reduce the labor intensity. But the pump pipe can’t be forcefully pulled when the tower crane is assisting. Otherwise the joint maybe deformed. The serious situation is that the large pressure and deformation maybe cause the joint to burst during pumping.

Other Matters Needing Attention

  • The mortar of the pump tube used before each pouring can be used for the joint slurry or discarded. For that the mortar strength is small, if it is formed in the structure, it will seriously affect the bearing capacity of the structure and cause quality accident, so it can’t be poured into any structural parts.
  • The removal pipeline, pipe card and seal rings must be cleaned timely for next time use after they are removed every time.
    During pouring construction, it is strictly forbidden to stand directly on the opposite side of the concrete outlet of pump pipe to prevent the concrete from being sprayed out of the pipe due to excessive pressure.
  • There are difference between truck mounted concrete pump and concrete trailer pumping machine, the worker in charge of the construction site should inform the operator of concrete pumping equipment in time to master the progress of pumping concrete.
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