Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale

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Self loading concrete mixer is a comprehensive equipment integrating loadingmixingtransportation and discharging, which is equivalent to a mobile concrete batch plant. The machine with the design of narrow body, short wheelbase and small turning radius is practical, easy and convenient to operate. At the same time, it has strong advantage to the construction environment with limited length, width and height. The self loading concrete mixer for sale with high capacity and low cost in Daswell Machinery can be widely used in varieties of construction projects.

Outstanding Advantages of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck in Our Company

  • Wide range of functions. Cab, mixing tank and lifting arm are three in one that can rotate at the same time.
  • More flexible. The machine is small which makes it convenient and flexible to transport.
  • Excellent system. World leading design, it can rotate 360°and has a wide view.
  • Professional manufacturer. Customers can find various models with different specifications.

Components And Features of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Composed of hydraulic torque converter, front and rear four-wheel drive bridge, feeding device, feeding hopper, discharging hopper, frame, mixing tank, special planetary reducer for mixing, hydraulic system, electric control system, automatic water loading system, the self loading concrete mixer truck can feed, mix, transport and discharge automatically.

1. The walking system is driven by the engine through hydraulic torque converter, front and rear drive shafts to the front and rear axles. Hydraulic steering four-wheel drive form greatly reduce the turning radius, which is more suitable for working is construction sites, especially the construction of narrow space. The hydraulic converter can reduce the impact on the engine and prolong the service life. Stepless variable speed control valve is adopted for easy control.
2. Hydraulic system adopts constant power variable plunger pump to reduce the engine power loss.
3. The rotation of the mixing tank is driven by the hydraulic motor through special planetary reducer. The output shaft of planetary reducer can swing at a certain angle to meet the shaking of mixing tank in bad road conditions. In addition, the agitator tank is equipped with speed control valve, which can accurately control the agitator speed.
4. Feeding and discharging system. The machine can automatically shovel material, electronic weighing and automatic feeding. The feeding hopper is tilt mounted to ensure smooth feeding. The discharge chute can be rotated and fixed in the appropriate position by locking mechanism. The extended trough for lengthening the length of discharge chute can be folded and fixed on the discharge trough with a hook.
5. The water feeding system is equipped with quantitative self-priming pump, and a quantitative controller is set to realize automatic quantitative feeding water.
6. The mixing tank is fixed and supported on the chassis by three points. The front end is coupled with a gearbox output flange fixed to the chassis, which can change the inclination angle. The tanks is supported by welded rails on the two rollers with tapered bearings. Feeding, mixing and discharging are accomplished by press formed blade system. The mixing tank rotates forward to feed and mix. When it is in the reverse rotation, concrete is discharged from the discharge port under the push of spiral.

Electronic Weighing System

Electronic Weighing System

Measurement precision

Oil Pipe

More durable


Safety and stabilization

Camera Rotates
360 degree

No dead ends

Application of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading concrete mixer trucks are usually classified according to the actual concrete output. The common models are 1.2m³,1.8 m³,2.6 m³,3.2 m³,4.0 m³,5.5 m³,6.5 m³. Among them, the small type of self loading concrete mixer is suitable for flat road and small slope engineering to use, as well as the projects that the demand for concrete in a day is within 80 m³. The larger type is suitable for projects with a daily concrete demand of over 80 m³, such as, highway, airport, mountain road, water conservancy and some other construction projects.

Oil Leakage Troubleshooting of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

  • Check whether all kinds o nuts are tightened on the machine. Sometimes, oil leaks are caused by loosing coupling nuts.
  • The oil leakage of the equipment may also be caused by the excessive wear, aging, deterioration and deformation failure of the sealing material after long-term use.
  • The effect of uneven nut twisting force, sliding wire break or loose off can also make work failure. Too loose or tight can make the liner leak. Too tight will make the metal protrusion or screw slip.
  • Check if the assembly is proper, the surface is clean, the gasket is damaged. Check whether there is the phenomenon of displacements or the installation isn’t in accordance with operating procedure specifications.
  • Check whether the wheel hub swing oil. This situation will cause the temperature inside the tank to rise and the whole space will be filled with the smell of oil, which can’t discharge out, so that the pressure inside the tank and the consumption of lubricating oil will increase, the replacement cycle will be shorten. Many moving parts of the self loading mixing equipment may be installed improperly and the journal and oil seal aren’t concentric, which will cause the oil swing. There are many other factors that cause the wheel hub swing oil, such as, excessive grease in hub bearings and cavities, improper oil packaging, poor quality, aging failure, exorbitant temperature caused by frequent braking, loose axle nuts, etc…