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Henan Daswell Machinery Co.,Ltd specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide range of concrete pump truck. We always adhere to the continuous reform and innovation to improve the performance of the machine and bring our customers better equipment experience. The concrete pump for sale in our company are available in sizes from 21m to 63m. Customers can consult us more product details and purchase the proper model depending on their requirements, we believe Daswell will be your good choice for high quality truck mounted concrete boom pump.









Advantages of Concrete Pump Truck

Placing Boom

Labor saving and high compressive strength

The use of concrete pump truck can solve the problem of horizontal and vertical conveying and pouring of concrete at the same time. In addition, it requires less labor, and has the advantages of simple construction organization and high compressive strength. The compressive strength of concrete is generally 20-40Mpa, some can reach 80-120-Mpa, which is suitable for structural material.

High efficient and practical

Pouring operation of concrete line pump truck is usually continuous, so that the construction efficiency is very high and work progress is fast. In addition, it can work well with steel bars, the concrete thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of steel bars, the force characteristics can complement each other and the bonding strength with steel bars is strong. So The pumping truck can help make reinforced concrete and expand the application range.

Ensure project quality is excellent

First, the equipment itself has strict requirements on the quality of concrete. In addition, the pumping is continuous, the concrete can’t be separated easily during the pumping process and the concrete slump is small. All the factors can ensure the construction quality.

Working Principle of Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump truck is mainly composed of chassis, boom system, rotating turret, hydraulic system, electrical system and pumping system. Pumping machine are usually mounted at the rear of car chassis to make it convenient for concrete mixer truck to discharge the material into the hopper of the pump. After the material is discharged to the pump hopper, it will be sent to the delivery pipe by pumping system and discharged through the end hose. The unfolding and gathering of each placing boom is completed by boom cylinder.
The pump chassis is mainly used to provide power when the equipment is moving and working. Push the fork in transfer box through the staring device, then the transfer fork drives the clutch sleeve and car engine can be converted through the transfer box. Switch to the rear axle to make the pump truck drive, switch to hydraulic system to complete the conveying and distribution of concrete.

Take an All-round Look

Introduction of Concrete Pump Truck

The concrete pump truck, also known as the name of concrete boom pump truck, is a large-scale integrated equipment integrating pumping, distributing and walking. Concrete pumps and hydraulic folding placing boom are installed on the chassis of cars or trailers, pumping pipeline is laid along placing boom and concrete is final output through the end hose. The placing boom has the functions of rangeability, folding and rotating, so that the pump truck can distribute within the range the placing boom can reach.

The concrete boom pump truck can complete the conveying and distribution at the same time. With the characteristics of large distribution range, self-walking, flexible and convenient to move, this kind of pumping equipment has excellent advantages. It is very convenient to use it in construction, concrete placement can be arbitrarily changed within the activity range of placing boom. In addition, there is no need to lay pipelines on construction site temporarily, which can save time and improve work efficiency. Pump truck is especially suitable for projects with large demand for concrete pouring, one-time pouring of super-volume and ultra-thick foundation concrete, as well as engineering with high quality requirements.

Concrete Boom Pump Truck for Sale
29m Daswell Concrete Pump Truck Equipment

Types of Concrete Boom Pump Truck

1. According to the height of Placing Boom. Short, long, super long placing boom pumping truck.
2. Based on theoretical output. Small, medium and large concrete pump trucks.
3. According to pump concrete pressure. Low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and ultrahigh pressure type of truck mounted concrete pumping equipment.
4. The equipment also has difference in number of boom segments. And the folding modes of the boom include Z-folding and roll-folding.
5. Then the driving mode includes automatic drive, trailer engine drive and separate engine drive.

More About Concrete Pump Truck

Selection of Concrete Pump Truck

The Selection of Concrete Pump truck

  • Choose based on the objects and characteristics of concrete engineering. And the required maximum conveying capacity, max conveying distance, concrete pouring plan, concrete pumping plan and other specific conditions should be considered comprehensively.
  • The main performance parameters chosen should be consistent with the requirements of construction or slightly larger. If the equipment capacity is too large, the cost is high and the utilization is low. Meanwhile, if the capacity is too small, it can’t meet the needs of construction and accelerate the loss of equipment.
  • Concrete boom pump truck with high placing boom will be better. For that, the device is flexible, the higher the placing boom is, the larger the radius of pouring height and distribution, and the stronger the application of construction will be.
  • Users should consider if the hydraulic technology is advanced, whether the quality of hydraulic components confirms to national standards. Meanwhile, the performance, bearing capacity and quality of chassis should be taken into consideration.
  •  Choose the suitable concrete pump truck manufacturers can guarantee the equipment quality and excellent performance. 
Concrete Pump Truck Safe Operation

Safe Operation Rules

  • The selection of site. It should be as far away as possible from high voltage wire and other types of obstacles.
  • Pre-work inspection. The power switch of the console should be in the ‘off’ position. Concrete displacement handle and mixing device reversing handle should be in the middle position.
  • Leg operation. The concrete pump truck should be placed horizontally, supporting ground should be flat and firm to ensure that it won’t sag during working.
  • Placing boom operation. When the boom is extended or retracted from the folded state, the operation should be carried out in the prescribed order.
  • Pumping operation. When starting or stopping pumping, please get in touch with the operator at the end hose.
  • Post-work inspection. The boom should be fully retracted on the boom bracket and the leg should be fully retracted and inserted into the lock pin.
  • Check if the emergency close button is normal.
  • Conveying pipe should be firmly connected and well sealed. 
  • During the work, pay attention to the command of the personnel implementing perfusion, stop or start the perfusion operation in time. 
  •  Operating the machine according to safe rules can make it more durable
Installation of Pumping Pipeline

Structural Design And of Pumping Pipeline

  • Design Requirements. The conveying pipe should bear higher pressure under the working state and it is easy to wear and tear. So the conveying pipe should have enough strength and endurance to resist the external load, so as to obtain longer service life. The conveying pipe should have a suitable diameter to ensure smooth pumping of concrete of various particle sizes.
  • In addition, the design of pumping pipeline should meet the requirements of different distances and directions, it also should be convenient to disassemble and assemble. Meanwhile, the seal should be tight and reliable.
  • Material of pipeline. It is usually made of seamless steel pipe with smooth inner wall and strong pressure resistance.
    Sizes of pumping pipeline. The inner diameter of conveying pipeline determines the particle size of concrete coarse aggregate.
  • In addition, the inner diameter will influence the degree of wear and tear, as well as the disassembly of the pipeline. The smaller the inner diameter, the higher the velocity of concrete, the greater the friction resistance and the more serious the wear. The larger the inner diameter, the larger the overall weight and the more inconvenient the disassembly.

Concrete Pump Truck Manufacturers

With the development of concrete construction industry, the demand for concrete pumping equipment is increasing. The types and specifications of the equipment are more complete. As a professional concrete pumping equipment manufacturer, we can manufacture concrete mixer pump, trailer mounted concrete pumping machine, concrete pump truck with various models. Especially concrete pump truck for sale in our company with excellent performance and high quality has longer service life, which can help users save cost, improve their construction efficiency.

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